Libya, Jordanian ambassador kidnapped by masked men in Tripoli

Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to Libya Fawaz al-Aitan has been abducted by masked gunmen in the Mansour neighborhood in Tripoli on Tuesday, as confirmed by both a spokesman for the Libyan Foreign Ministry and the Jordanian diplomacy. According to some reports, the car that was carrying the Asian diplomat along with his driver and guards was stopped by a BMW vehicle and a pick-up truck. Immediately after the kidnappers fired several shots, wounding the driver’s leg and a guard’s arm. Al-Aitan, who has worked in Libya since the civil war and the establishment of the Transitional National Council and previously held a position at the Jordanian embassy in Morocco, seems to be in good condition, as reported by his kidnappers to his wife. The Libyan authorities are looking for the culprits, most likely militiamen with Libyan accent, while the Royal Jordanian Airlines decided to cancel its flight to Tripoli. This is the second case of a diplomat kidnapped in less than a month after the abduction of the Tunisian ambassador’s secretary.

Overlooking the Tripoli River towards the south
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  CazzJj 
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